The newly formed DIAKONIA Justice Committee is inviting responses to a survey towards an overview of the social, economic, and environmental justice issues in which our member communities are engaged. 

Individuals and member associations access the survey here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/ 1FAIpQLSc9rhmG22LD6mQXkhs5C6gzV4RG1huP2jCptGYAmNyDJrAmgA/viewform

Please respond by 15 September.

The Justice Committee first met in May and is submitting its Charter to the Executive Committee for approval.  Committee concerns revolve around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Its work is founded on the theological and spiritual quest for peace, justice and reconciliation. Members are:

  • Eric Tusz-King- DOTAC, Canada (covenor)
  • Megan Hale- DOTAC, USA
  • Dionata Rodrigues de Oliveira – DOTAC, Brazil
  • Leah Wandera- DRAE, Kenya
  • Sophia Lizares – DAP, Australia
  • Emma Cantor- DAP, Philippines
  • Sandy Boyce – Ex-officio DWF, representing Executive Committee, Australia
  • Gwynne Lawlor – Member of Volunteers Nomination Committee, South Africa

To better represent more parts of the world, the Justice Committee is seeking a member from Europe.  Individuals volunteering or nominations from European associations with a letter of introduction would be welcome.

For queries, please contact Eric Tusz-King, convenor, erictuszking@gmail.com

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