The Purpose and History of DIAKAID 

As an organization, DIAKONIA is committed to the scriptural mandate to “love mercy, seek justice and walk humbly with our God.” (Micah 6:8) By working together, DIAKONIA furthers the gospel imperative toward mutual relationships of respect and solidarity with the “least of these” (Matthew 25).

Before the actual formation of DIAKAID, DIAKONIA had taken action to provide financial aid to deaconess communities and diaconal projects. By 1970 the name DIAKAID was chosen and a decision was made to consider applications every year. 

See examples of DIAKAID projects here.

2021-2022 DIAKAID Grant Application

DIAKAID is a program of DIAKONIA World Federation (DWF) that seeks to fund special diaconal projects and emergency responses of member associations and communities throughout the world. DIAKONIA is committed to faithfully “love mercy, seek justice and walk humbly with our God” (Micah,6.8).

The DIAKAID Committee recognizes the different ways member associations are engaged in responding to climate, social and economic problems, and is inviting applications for a ‘quick turn-around’ grant that will offer support for short term projects and activities specifically responding to those kinds of problems which may include:

  • Development of educational and training resources for mental health matters;
  • Offering practical support to those in need especially the isolated or marginalized;
  • First Aid and staff for natural disasters such as floods, typhoons, wild fires, or other types of emergencies;
  • Supporting people during a time of increased domestic violence and rape;
  • Strengthening community well-being;
  • Other…

The Application Form is to be returned as a PDF copy and signed version no later than Friday August 20 to the person from your DWF Region:

DRAE Region Member of the Committee: Ronke Oworu, ibiyemioworu@yahoo.com

DOTAC Region Member of the Committee: Dawn Livingston, dawn@hintoncenter.org

DAP Region Member of the Committee: Christa Megaw, christamegaw@gmail.com

The DIAKAID Committee will receive and review the applications at its meeting in early September and will inform applicants of their decisions by mid-September. Applications will be assessed on the anticipated outcomes of each project. An evaluation form reporting the details of how the funds have been used will need to be completed at the end of the project, and submitted to the DIAKAID Committee (E-Mail to the Regional Committee Members) no later than July 31, 2022.

The maximum grant will be € 1.000

Emergency Fund 

The Emergency Fund is available in times of natural disasters or other emergencies, which seriously affect the work of our member organizations. 

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