DIAKONIA offers an international and ecumenical community of diaconal friendship, connecting us in diversity and commonality. 
DIAKONIA broadens our worldview and deepens our sense of diaconal vocation.  
DIAKONIA reminds the church of God’s call to service, justice, compassion, and peace for creation, and assists us in living out our ministries in the world with vision and hope. 
The church is not the church without diakonia.

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NEWSLETTER in German and English
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MONTHLY PRAYER LETTER in German and English
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13 hours ago

December 5

Creator God, you designed the world so that it would live in harmony.

You designed humanity and gave each a unique soul

so that we would strengthen each other and enhance each gift you gave.

But with a free will, we have abused your trust in us and

we have sinned against the earth and humanity.

We crave for your forgiving Spirit to enter us and make us whole.

Today, O God, we pray for those who suffer gender- based violence or discrimination.

Your tender heart cries with them in their pain.

May your healing Spirit tend to their wounds and heal their injuries.

May your strong presence stand with them when they confront their abusers or

share their stories.

We thank you for those who tell the stories and expose the truth.

Give them courage to persist when they are blocked.

Help them to be sensitive to those in pain and

those who dare to reveal the truth of their lives.

We pray for those who give their lives in pursuit of justice.

Forgive us, O God, for being apathetic to or ignoring gender-based violence

when it doesn’t touch our life.

The world is our neighbourhood and

we cannot remain complacent to the injustices inflicted upon sisters and brothers.

We pray for those who inflict harm upon another human being.

O God, quell their need for power and control.

We pray that one day they will confess their sin.

The future is in your hands, O God, and

we pray that soon a new generation will take a stand against violence of all kinds and your children will live in safety, peace and harmony.

We pray in the name of Jesus, the Compassionate Christ. Amen

Lynda Reid, Order of Diaconal Ministries, Presbyterian Church in Canada

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1 day ago

December 4 Advent 2

Waiting God,

You are with us in this season of waiting.

We live in the midst of chaos and disorder, greed and uncertainty.

And we wait for good news.

Our brains can tell us that the birth of Christ is on the horizon.

But sometimes, it's hard for our hearts to remember.

Breathe into us, as we wait.

Breathe hope, courage, and a renewed call for justice.

Remind us that we are called to share the good news with those around us.

Remind us that we are called to share in the work of justice.

And as we wait, remind us that You are always with us.


Deacon Gretchen Peterson, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

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2 days ago

Photos from Ted Dodd's post

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3 days ago

December 2 -- 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence

Today's prayer from United Methodist Home Missioner, Louis Porter.

Dear Creator,

Today we send out a special prayer

for those who suffer the effects of gender-based violence.

Help them to heal on the outside as well as on the inside.

We pray for girls and women of all ages, all races and all socio-economic backgrounds.

We pray for those who were born traditionally female

as well as those who discovered their femaleness over time.

Holy One, we pray also for those who cause violence on girls and women,

for they, too, need and deserve prayer, love and understanding.

We pray that you teach their minds and calm their souls

so that they will cease to choose violence and

learn other ways to express what is likely to be their own experience of trauma.

Loving Parent, we thank you for the people who tend to the wounds,

soothe the feelings and provide therapy for those who suffer from gender-based violence.

They are your hands and feet here on Earth.

Finally, we thank you for watching over all of us.

We feel your love. Amen.

Louis Porter, United Methodist Home Missioner

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3 days ago

Greetings from a Regional Ladies Circle (North-West Kambodia) in Battambang from a friend of mine. It is a celebration of ADVENT. Christian Missionary Alliance (CAMA ).

Grüße vom Frauen Regionalkreis (Nord-West Kambodscha) in Battambang von einer Freundin. Das Video zeigt die Adventsfeier.

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5 days ago

Photos from Ted Dodd's post

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1 week ago

Photos from Ted Dodd's post

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