DIAKONIA offers an international and ecumenical community of diaconal friendship, connecting us in diversity and commonality. 

DIAKONIA broadens our worldview and deepens our sense of diaconal vocation.  

DIAKONIA reminds the church of God’s call to service, justice, compassion, and peace for creation, and assists us in living out our ministries in the world with vision and hope. 

The church is not the church without diakonia.

World Assembly Update

The plans to hold the DWF Assembly in Darwin in 2021 were disrupted by the COVID pandemic, and and it was postponed to 2022. But it is clear that it will still be sometime until international flights resume as they had been pre-COVID and that 2022 will be too early for all our member associations to attend. A small Task Group of the DWF Executive will begin planning for a virtual World Assembly in 2022. More information available in the coming months. 



This edition is full of news from around the world including information about this year’s DIAKAID Grant Announcements. 


DIANKONIA Nachrichten Nr.8

This edition is full of news from around the world including information about this year’s DIAKAID Application process.

1 week ago

# **2022 Mondays in September:**
# **A DOTAC Study Series**
# **on the World Council of Churches document**
# **“Called to Transformation:**
# **Ecumenical Diakonia**
# On August 31-September 8, the World Council of Churches will meet in Karlsruhe, Germany. The important document “Called to Transformation: Ecumenical Diakonia” will be presented for discussion. DOTAC has decided to offer an on-line Zoom study group of the report. We have asked three presenters to begin each of our three sessions. All of them will attend the Assembly: Matthew Ross as WCC Staff and editor of the report, Marianne Uri Øverland as representative of DIAKONIA World Federation, and Hyuk Cho as a delegate of the United Church of Canada.

September 12: **Reverend Dr. Matthew Ross**

September 19**: Reverend Marianne Uri Øverland**

September 26: ** Reverend Dr. Hyuk Cho**

To register, send an email to teddodd@live.com

You will be sent a Zoom link closer to the time of the event.

All sessions will last just slightly over an hour and

begin at 1 pm Central Daylight Time.

(Check an on-line time zone converter for local times.)
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2 weeks ago

DOTAC holds a Monthly Prayer Gathering on the first day of every month. Members of the ecumenical and international diaconate join together in this reflective, holy time of shared conversation and prayer.

On even months (e.g. August, October, December) we meet at 5 pm Central Daylight Time; on odd months (e.g. September, November, January) we meet at noon pm Central Daylight Time.

Join us on Monday, August 1 at 5 pm Central Daylight Time.

Send an email to teddodd@live,com to be added to the list.

Photo by [Timothy Eberly](unsplash.com/@timothyeberly?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText) on [Unsplash](unsplash.com/s/photos/prayer?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText)
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2 weeks ago

July DIAKONIA prayer letter. The August one will be due out next week. See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Here is the English version of the video guide for Member Associations preparing videos for the virtual assembly. We need as many as we are able to receive. They will be uploaded to the DIAKONIA Youtube channel and be part of the program for the virtual Assembly. The guide can be found in the FILES section of the DIAKONIA Facebook page.
We are looking for:
Videos about each Member Association
Short videos of worship (could be singing, prayers etc)
Videos from each of the recipients of DIAKAID grants about the project supported.
As well, we’d love videos of events and activities, recordings of Zoom forums, interviews etc etc.
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2 weeks ago

DIAKONIA World Federation Youtube Channel. We welcome videos from Member Associations. Please subscribe (the more subscriptions the more ‘features’ we are able to access).
This is the channel where videos for the DIAKONIA Virtual Assembly in October will be posted.
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