DIAKONIA offers an international and ecumenical community of diaconal friendship, connecting us in diversity and commonality. 
DIAKONIA broadens our worldview and deepens our sense of diaconal vocation.  
DIAKONIA reminds the church of God’s call to service, justice, compassion, and peace for creation, and assists us in living out our ministries in the world with vision and hope. 
The church is not the church without diakonia.

For DIAKONIA news, please go to the DIAKONIA World Federation Facebook group. 

2024 MONTHLY PRAYER LETTER in German and English
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April 2024 (English) prayer letter
April 2024 (German) Gebetsbrief

March 2024 EN (English) prayer letter
März 2024 DE (German) Gebetsbrief

February 2024 EN (English) prayer letter
Februar 2024 DE (German) Gebetsbrief

January 2024 EN (English) prayer letter
Januar 2024 DE (German) Gebetsbrief


DIAKAID Guidelines 2024

DIAKAID Application form 2024

The completed application form must be sent as a PDF to sebastian.haupt@diakoneo.de by Tuesday, 30 April 2024. Applications have only been successfully received by e-mail if they have been confirmed. Applications received later or sent to a different e-mail address can no longer be accepted. The DIAKAID Committee will discuss the applications and proposals at its subsequent meeting and inform the applicants in July/August.


Newsletters from Member Associations
Korean Sisters 2023 newsletter (in English)