Welcome to our fifth edition of DIAKONIA World Federation News.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this edition. In the midst of pandemic and isolation, our communities continue strong and vital.  There are links to more detailed reports in as indicated.

This newsletter can also be reached by going to our Website: A full German Translation will be posted in the German section of our Website. Please note:  There are options to choose a language in which to read the E-News. Click on the tab on the top right of your screen when you open the E-mail, and choose your language.  Please be aware, these are the general worldwide translations, but they do enable one to read the E-News without having to be fluent in English or German.

As we  continue in God’s call, living into our new reality, note that we are endeavoring to have this E-News come out every other month, so we need your stories, even when you don’t think you are doing much, you have a story to tell.

Send articles in to news@diakonia-world.org. Please include your name, your member organization and the region of  DWF to which you belong. News deadline for the next edition, to be sent out the first week of April:  March 19th!

Let us once again be reminded of the gift of fellowship and relationship found within this organization.

~ Your E-News team: Sandy Boyce, Jan Cherry & Ted Dodd.

Read the rest of the E-News here.

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