Welcome to the second edition of the new DIAKONIA World Federation E-News. As we adjust to the new normal of social distancing and Zoom meetings, the editorial committee thought it might be helpful to reflect up on how this time of pandemic, and social unrest are impacting how we, as Diaconal people, are finding ways to continue to serve “out in the world” as is our primary call.

We are also asking how our brothers and sisters around the world are responding to the global response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the resultant renewed understanding of the racial injustice that occurs everywhere.

Many of the responses in this edition come from the DOTAC Region. While  the protests originated in the United States, we KNOW that there is reflection and action taking place around the world. While the global pandemic is new, sadly, the racial inequities have been around for centuries.  Our hope is that these articles will engender many conversations and much reflection on these critical issues of our time. Racial injustice exists in more forms than the current focus of the conditions in the United States.  God called God’s people to stand for justice to all, including the sojourners in our lands. There is plenty of Diaconal work to be done.

Please remember that this E-News needs everyone’s help in order that it reflect our worldwide community.  Send articles and information to news@diakonia-world.org.

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