Newsletters from Member Associations – Rwanda

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Rwanda, EN October 2023

Newsletter Oktober DE

A group of 14 people from the Amerongen church community (Netherlands) visited Rwanda over the summer. Here is part of their report (scroll to end for photos).

We experienced the warmth and hospitality of the Sisters community. We visited various projects and got an impression of the important work of the Sisters, in the capital Kigali and also in the Rubengera region.

It’s a great joy to go to church with the sisters. Despite all the poverty in the population, the joy and the trust in God’s guidance was passed on to us through the singing people.

We are grateful that we could hand over a financial support from the Netherlands to the Sisters. For example, to alleviate acute hardship that arose after the floods in the spring and the resulting enormous inflation, which made basic foodstuffs unaffordable for many people.

We were also able to donate an amount for the school Agriculture project and some small projects like building a water pipe for a family and the lease of a property to cover the donate basic necessities. All of this leads us to gratitude for our own existence – it humbles us. Take the impressions you gain with you into the rest of our lives. But it is clear that help and support for a dignified life continues to be necessary for the existence of the people of Rwanda.

Staying with the sisters was a celebration. They did everything to make us feel comfortable and they prepared especially delicious food! In September, two sisters left for Europe for study.

Father Vincent and Sr. Joan of Arc took part in a conference in Germany, where three sisters from Amerongen were also present. Afterwards they both travelled to Amerongen, where they stayed for a week and made many visits.

The sisters are already busy preparing for the community’s 40th anniversary, which will be celebrated at the end of 2024.

Plans for the Kigali project (mental health care) are being further developed.

The group also visited Indatwa School. It was holiday time, but two children’s play afternoons could be organized for the poorest children in the school. What a success! After the teeth brushing course, we played football, bag running and much more with the children.

The running of the school still requires our attention; as a foundation, we are looking for funds to set up additional rooms. Donations are also urgently needed to support the poorest children at school!