Prayers of DIAKONIA members published in English and in German. Day of Prayer is the 26th of each month.

You can download copies in PDF PDF format here:

December 2018, Regional President Marianne Uri Øverland
November 2018, Sr. Elisabeth Meier
October 2018, Deacon Jan Cherry
September 2018, Reverend Anne Russell-Brighty
August 2018, Sr. Doris Horn
July 2018, Ted Dodd, Diaconal Minister
June 2018, Rev Christa Megaw
May 2018, Deaconess Laura Lazar
April 2018, President Sandy Boyce
March 2018, Deaconess Diane Kaufmann
February 2018, Margaret Birtles, Deacon, Tauranga
January 2018, Sr. Traude Leitenberger
December 2017, Sister Elly Urio
November 2017, Deaconess Diane Kaufmann
October 2017, Deacon Jan Cherry
September 2017, Sr. Doris Horn
August 2017, Sr. Traude Leitenberger
July 2017, Rev. Sandy Boyce
June 2017, Dc. Ulrike Kellner
May 2017, Emma Cantor, President DAP
April 2017, Marianne Uri Øverland, President DRAE
March 2017, Deaconess Lisa Polito
February 2017, Deacon Ann Wren
January 2017, Deaconess Laura Lazaar