2018 News from TELC Bethania Deaconess Home, Thanjavur, India



Greetings from Korea! We have made amazing progress in inter-Korean unification last year. Please pray for our peaceful reunification.
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DAP DAP Conference to be held in 2019: 8th-12th July. Location: Fiji
IKADIWA Interested in exploring the meaning and symbols of diakonia from around the world? Sharilynn Gail Upsdell has written a Master's Thesis entitled "Evolving Symbols - Evolving Ministry: An Exploration of Diaconal Symbols in the United Church of Canada".


2016 - Annual letter from Emmanuel Sisters Bafut - Cameroon


Cameroon brochure (in German) with beautiful pictures.

News from Diakonia Sisterhood in Korea

August 2016 - Update from Rwanda
Update from 2015 DRAE Assembly in Bergen, Norway January 2016
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Bethel Japan

Sr. Mochizuki, Mrs. Yamane, and Sr. Yamasaki (Pastor of Bethel Church)

December 2015

News from DAP - Bethel Mother House, Japan. Download here


Christmas letter from Bethania Deaconess Home, Thanjavur/India. December 2015
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The DIAKONIA Executive Committee visited Valparaiso, Indiana, as part of their Executive Board meeting in November 2015, and had the opportunity to hear Deaconess Kristin Barnett Lewis deliver the sermon for the day, reflecting on the lectionary reading in the context of the traumatic events of the week (including terrorist attacks in Paris).
Kristin is the Co-Director of Education and Formation, Lutheran Deaconess Association.

Text of sermon: Mark 13:1-8

Audio file of sermon


MA Diaconic Management
Interdisciplinary Contextual Studies

Diaconic Management (M.A.)
Interdisciplinary Contextual Studies will start at the Institute of Diaconic Science and Diaconic Management (IDM), Protestant University Wuppertal/Bethel in Germany. More information available:

Diaconic Management
Diaconic Management pdf flyer


December 2014

Former World Presidents of DIAKONIA World Federation Louise Williams (left) and Doris Horn (right) (and current President Sandy Boyce) met in Kaiserswerth in July 2014 and had this conversation:

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Official Newsletter of Diakonia Philippines

October, 2014

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January, 2014

Oxford/England: The Anglican Deacons of the Church of England (DACE) held their annual AGM and a retreat, led by former DIAKONIA Secretary Deaconess Ulrike Kellner. DIAKONIA World Executive Member Deacon Ann Wren was elected as new President of DACE. Congratulation Ann!


Post-Assembly Sad News:

Diane Kaufmann

July, 2013

Deaconess Nazgul William - Naz

Her life abruptly ended July 17, 2013, in Beijing, China. While out for an afternoon walk near a shopping center, she was one of two people stabbed by a young man in what was reported as a random act of violence due to mental illness. She was visiting Beijing after attending the World Diakonia conference in Berlin, Germany. Read more here.