1836 Foundation of the first Deaconess House by Theodor and Friederike Fliedner in Kaiserswerth on the Rhine.
1861 First Kaiserswerth General Conference of boards of European deaconess houses.
1890 Establishment of other deaconess associations and diaconal sisterhoods as other expressions of their vocation.
1946 Following a Dutch initiative, an international conference of representatives of European deaconess houses took place in Utrecht. It was decided to found a new association. In addition to the deaconess associations, other diaconal groups joined with the other structure.
1947 The DIAKONIA World Federation is established.

DIAKONIA World Assemblies and their themes

2017 Chicago, USA Shaken by the Wind
2013 Berlin, Germany Diaconia – Healing and Wholeness for the World
2009 Atlanta, USA

Diakonia - Crossroads of Grace ... Revive and Reconcile

Youtube videos of 2009:
World Diakonia Assembly July 2009 I am becoming Peace
World Diakonia Assembly July 2009 Stand on the Rock
July 2009 DOTAC Presentation for World Diakonia Assembly
World Diakonia Assembly July 2009 This is the Day that God has Made
World Diakonia Assembly - Blessing Tony Walkingstick

2005 Durham, England Diakonia at the Margins - Challenge and Hope
2001 Brisbane, Australia Hearts on Fire in a New Time
1996 Friedrichroda, Germany Bridges of Reconciliation - Hope and Mission
1992 Wolfville, Canada Christ with us in the Storms of Life
1987 Bern, Switzerland To serve with Christ in an endangered World
1983 Warwick, England The Sacrament of Care
1979 Manila, Philippines The more Excellent Way (1 Cor. 13)
1975 Bethel/Bielefeld, Germany To live the Gospel in a broken world
1972 New York, USA Signs of the Church of Tomorrow
1969 Tampere, Finland Christ Present
Start of relief action DIAKAID
1966 Edinburgh, Scotland Diaconia on New Roads
1963 Berlin, Germany Female Diaconia in the Oikumene
1960 Uppsala, Sweden The Female Diaconate of the Church
1957 Strasbourg, France Welfare State and Diaconia
1954 Oslo, Norway Diaconia in the Rapid Change of Time
1951 Den Haag/Utrecht, Netherlands Psychotherapy for Ministry; Youth and Vocation
1949 Zürich-Zollikerberg, Switzerland The Service of Women in the Church
1947 Copenhagen, Denmark The Church Responsibility for Diaconia
Foundation of the International Federation DIAKONIA
1946 Utrecht, NetherlandsConference of European Deaconess Houses
DIAKONIA takes shape